VIable have been supporting the 3rd Sector for 6 years this year, and we are growing from strength to strength. As we continue to grow, we’re continuing to expand our network and skills. Today, we’re showing you how we do what we do, and how what we do can help you get back to what matters.

Bookkeeping and Payroll

Charities like all organisations have extensive accounts, funding streams and financial data that needs monitored and managed. As charities grow, the workload can become overwhelming and tedious. Here at VIable, we can manage your accounts and provide quality and timely financial reporting.

As a charity, transparency with you funds matters, and VIable’s accounts are praised across the sector as upholding funder, trustee and shareholder confidence.

Charity accounting is distinctive, and our finance team specialise in this area, working with both our parent charities and a portfolio of charities across NI.

We can take away the massive tasks of financial reporting, management accounts, payroll and bookkeeping. By doing this, you can get back to allocating resources to your causes and missions. Get back to what matters. You can learn more about our bookkeeping services at

Human Resources

All organisations are run by people, and people management is key to success. Our Human Resources team are on hand to work with your policies, procedures and practice so your workplace is secure.

In 2020, the workplace has evolved and changed rapidly. By working with us, you can ensure you are kept up to date with change.

Our team can start by providing a full HR Audit. Afterwards, we can then propose a strategic approach to resolving gaps in your processes and policies. Following on, our team can enact that plan, all while you focus on your goals and objectives.

Furthermore, we offer Breathe HR implementation and training. Breathe HR provides your team with a paperless office and streamlines your HR processes. With a digital dashboard, Breathe HR enables your whole team to access their HR data on the go.

VIable can manage your back office so you can get back to the causes that matter. We’ll optimise your HR functions, saving time, money and resources. Learn more at

Management Training

Managers are figureheads in your charity that act as idols to your team. Their training and development are attributable to your success.

Our Management Training programs can develop your people and your business. We offer interactive e-learning, ensuring your team can converse with our trainers and each other on key issues. Whether you need training on accountability, performance, induction or team management, our team are on hand to help.

Surveys highlight that only 37% of firms invest in training in the UK, yet those that do perform better. With motivated managers comes a motivated and directed team. In addition, investing in your people improves their engagement levels, making them more proactively alert in work.

We provide training via Zoom, with 6 modules in Managing in Changing Times, and a further 12 modules in Management Principles.

Develop your people with VIable – contact us or learn more at

Fundraising and Marketing

In 2020, Digital Marketing has come to the fore. As users travel onto the online space, having that presence has never been more key. Is your charity or firm maximising their revenue streams with the power of social?

If your answer is no, our question is why not? Social media can drive your media perception via digital campaigns, meaning you can reach new consumers or donors. Furthermore, digital platforms can provide new opportunities for fundraising and revenue generation.

If you need to develop your social strategies, or drive fundraising, our marketing function are here to help. We can develop social campaigns, run your social channels including your content creation, planning and posting. We can help you transform the e-authenticity and awareness of your organisation so you can grow and prosper.

Reach out to to enquire about our marketing function.

One-stop back office

As a “one-stop back office”, VIable can drive all of your functions, from HR, Finance, Marketing and Strategy. We’re passionate about your business, people and causes, and we’re ready to learn, support and develop with you.

As a social enterprise, we understand the importance of your work in the 3rd Sector. Our focus is to get you #BackToWhatMatters – out of the office and paperwork, and back to supporting your causes, communities and missions. Reach out to us together, and together we’ll create a stronger 3rd Sector for all of NI.

Interested in learning more? Reach out to us at, and we’ll direct you to the right person for a Zoom call or discussion about the services we can provide you.

We’re ready to listen, learn and adapt to your needs. We look forward to hearing from you.