Software that puts people first. 

The perfect Human Resource app for SMEs and 3rd Sector Organisations.

VIable Corporate Services are proud Breathe HR Silver Partners. Breathe is the perfect Human Resource Software for small businesses – learn more about the services they provide on the toggles to the right.

Breathe HR makes managing people in SME contexts easy – it allows you to reduce time performing HR administrative tasks, and focus on the day-to-day running of your business so you can achieve your goals efficiently and effectively.

As a Silver Partner, you can get set up  across the platform with VIable, providing you with a database whereby employees can enter their own holidays, you can monitor performance and drive employee motivation via set objectives and goals for each employee.

Breathe HR comes across multi-channel platforms, and can be accessed via desktop, mobile or tablet – simple to use for every employee.

If your organisation needs easy-to-use HR software to simplify your employee experience, contact us today to get started.

Learn more about Breathe HR and the benefits it can offer your firm on their website here.

Staff Holiday Planner & Booking System

Breathe’s Staff Planner makes it easy for Managers to forecast, plan and prepare for holiday periods. Management can place Holiday Blackouts, so your team knows when they cannot take leave. Using the Holiday Staff Planner with Breathe, you can ensure leave and holidays are planned and organised, suiting the needs of your people and your business.

HR Document Management Software

Streamline HR Admin with Breathe’s document management tool. Breathe provide a dashboard with unlimited storage space, and an easy-to-access platform for all of your teams. Upload files to the dashboard for your staff to read, sign off, and send back. Never waste time with back and forward e-mails and document tracking again.

Employee Performance Management

Breathe’s Performance Management dashboard helps you recognise and reward your team members for their work. The dashboard helps you track progress against set objectives, measure overdue deadlines and arrange 1-to-1s with the employee. Give Kudos amongst peers, appraise one another and foster a culture that centralises around open feedback with Breathe.

Expenses Management

Enjoy control over expenses with Breathe’s expenses management software. Input claims, upload receipts and approve, all on one dashboard. Simplify the process of expenses, and maintain a database of past and outstanding expenses, enabling you to gain instant access to data when you need it.

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