Introducing the VIable Corporate Services 3rd Sector Map.

2020 has been a whirlwind year and has challenged us all. Charities and social enterprises have been massively impacted by COVID-19. In November 2020, CO3 released a report showing 46% of charities have 3 months of reserves or less. Charities are essential to society – they support the most vulnerable and protect their needs and rights. Often at this time of year, we spend hundreds on big brands, fashion and clothing. Ask yourself – how much do you support charity?

Charity supporting does not have to just be donating money, you can volunteer or buy goods. This year, VIable are making it that bit easier to support the causes your passionate about.

Check out our new 3rd Sector Map.

What is the Map?

Using Google Maps, VIable are creating and collating a list of charities and social enterprises subdivided by their causes. You can pick and choose what causes you want to support, then you’ll be able to see a list of your local non-profits in NI.

We’re encouraging every person this year to #supportcharity, not just through donations, but through attention and media. Drive people to #buildbacksocial, work with your community partners and raise awareness. Buy a present from a charity for a loved one, visit your local charity café.

Throughout December 2020, we’ll be expanding this map constantly, and ensuring every charity in NI gets put #BackOnTheMap this Christmas.

I’m a local NI Charity or Social Enterprise, how do I get on the map?

If you are a charity or social enterprise based in NI, contact, quoting “Non-profit map” as your subject along with your company name, location and address. We’ll ensure your non-profit gets placed on the map which will be shared across social weekly via our own networks and our affiliate networks.

How do I support the map?

If you want to support the mission to #supportcharity and #buildbacksocial, share this on your social feed. Share it with your neighbours, your friends, your family. We’re driving a mission to make charity’s voices heard this year and gain the support they need so they can continue to provide support all year to those that need it most.

Pick a local charity on the map, donate to them, support them and help them thrive. Make sure you #BuySocial, supporting a cause you are passionate about for at least one gift this year.

This Christmas, we truly believe that together, we’re stronger.

The VIable Team.

If you are a local charity or social enterprise, contact to get your non-profit or social enterprise on the 3rd Sector Map!

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