Funding opportunities

Cash is king when it comes to businesses and charities. In fact, 82% of organisations fail due to poor cash flow, and only 50% of new start-ups make it through the first years.

 Throughout the Coronavirus pandemic, cash flow has become an important focus for a range of our clients.

For charities, 3rd sector funding is essential to ensure users can access essential services to support those in our communities that need it most.

Funders often release new opportunities across the Island, and it can be hard to keep on top of every opportunity that your charity may be applicable for.

Whether you are a large charity, or perhaps a smaller charity only starting out, it is essential to keep an eye out for funding opportunities that could support you.

This month in Back Office Breakdown, we’re giving you a heads up around all the current funding opportunities that are available as well as where to apply, all succinctly provided on one web page for your convenience.

Check out the latest opportunities, as well as eligibility in this month’s Finance blog below.

CRCD Grant

Grants available for Community Relations Projects

Grants of up to £10,000 are available to community development groups, cultural organisations, women’s groups, church groups, tenants’ associations and youth groups to help them to develop their capacity and confidence to engage in community relations work and to enhance the community relations potential of projects they undertake.

Grants are available up until November 2021.

Grants may be awarded towards the cost of the following:

  • Community events, festivals, residential activities.
  • Seminars, workshops or discussion groups.
  • Fees for trainers, speakers, artists or facilitators.
  • Basic travelling costs within the North and South of Ireland.
  • Venue hire and catering costs.
  • Resource materials.
  • Bursaries for community relations practitioners to attend conferences. (These are limited to one bursary per year for an individual from an applicant group).

Applications cannot be given for retrospective events, or day-to-day costs of the business. Moreover, the grant cannot be awarded to commercial businesses, or schools.

Learn more or apply for the funding grant here.

The Telecommunity Fund – Community Foundation NI

The Telecommunity Fund provides funding for grass roots community and voluntary groups that support:

  • Young people
  • Older people
  • People living with disabilities

The Fund will not support projects targeting all ages, and priority will be given to projects that will benefit groups dealing with disadvantage (e.g. rural isolation, low income, social exclusion, reduced access to services), and projects that involve the beneficiaries in their development and delivery.

Funding may be used for:

  • Community education and training opportunities
  • Communication and leadership skills
  • Local initiatives to improve resources and community facilities
  • Creativity and self-expression through drama, music or a range of arts activities
  • Inclusion and involvement of disadvantaged communities
  • Out of school projects for young people

Learn more about the funding opportunity by clicking here.

Micro Community Investment Fund

This fund provides valuable investment for community initiatives making a difference in towns and villages across Northern Ireland.

This 3rd Sector funding will enable those organisations who are making the lives of others in their communities better, by improving their financial, physical, and mental wellbeing.

No set governance structure is required to apply for this funding opportunity. Moreover, as the fund is targeted toward smaller organisations, whilst those under £30,000 may be awarded the fund, those under £10,000 income will be given preference.

The fund aims to support grass roots and smaller organisations across NI’s communities.

Applications are sought to support both new and existing activities and projects that enhance the financial, physical and/or mental wellbeing of people in communities.

Community projects should focus on improving at least one of the following:

  • Financial wellbeing
  • Physical wellbeing
  • Mental wellbeing

Learn more about this funding opportunity by clicking here.

The KFC Foundation

The KFC Foundation provides 3rd sector funding opportunities to local community organisations surrounding their restaurants across the UK.

The foundation aims to support young people by create firm foundations, and addressing their needs through early intervention.

The KFC grant programme is for:

  • Registered charities
  • Registered community interest companies,
  • Unincorporated clubs or associations
  • Unregistered charities

 with a turnover of less than £300,000.

Learn more about the KFC Foundation, and eligibility requirements in their information pack here.

Matthew Good Foundation: Grants for Good

The Matthew Good Foundation invites charities, voluntary groups or social enterprises with an income of less than £50,000 to apply for funding.

Every 3 months, the foundation will share £10,000 amongst 5 shortlisted projects, supporting smaller community groups, charities and social enterprises.

Your application must be on behalf of a local community group, charity, voluntary group or social enterprise that has a positive impact on communities, people or the environment and has an average income of less than £50,000 in the last 12 months.

The application form can be found here.

There are a wide range of funding opportunities available for charities and social enterprises to support cash flow. Whilst you may not be eligible for every opportunity, there are always new opportunities becoming available that you may benefit from. We’d recommend keeping an eye on the following websites and groups, who are constantly updating on new opportunities across Northern Ireland and the wider UK:

If you need support with a funding opportunity, or perhaps need guidance on how to manage your cash flow, our teams are on hand. We work with a vast range of charities of different sizes across the 3rd Sector. Learn more about our services in Bookkeeping and Payroll over on our service page here.