Our Services.

Professional, Approachable Back-Office Expertise.

We offer core services in Bookkeeping, Payroll, Human Resources (HR) and Marketing.

Across our 4 functional departments we strive for approachability and flexibility in all of our client interactions. Every team has different skillsets, and where you face limitations in capabilities in certain areas, our team of experts can step in to support you. Learn more about each of our portfolios below, and visit each respective page to gain an insight into our services and pricing.

Bookkeeping and Payroll

We provide Bookkeeping support for 3rd Sector and Private Sector partners all across NI. Discover more about our services on our bookkeeping and payroll page here.

Human Resources

Our HR Experts provide impartial and professional people-centric solutions that can help get your organisation back to business. Learn more about our range of HR Services on our page here.

Marketing and Fundraising

Our Marketing team can help you shape your marketing strategy and drive effective communications to support the awareness of your organisation. Learn more about how we raise the profile of your organisation on our Marketing page here.