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We provide outsourced back office services in Bookkeeping and Payroll, Human Resources, Marketing and Fundraising, and Training. Click through our services toggles on the right to learn more about how our team can help your needs.

With a wide team of experts across all business functions, we collaborate amongst ourselves and with your team to ensure we get the best results and outcomes for your organisation every step of the way.

Whether your a small business looking for help to grow or an established organisation that needs to fill gaps in capabilities temporarily, VIable are the go-to business option for you.

Since 2015, VIable have been supporting Charities, Social Enterprises and Small Businesses across Northern Ireland. Read what our clients say about us over on our testimonials page.



Bookkeeping and Payroll

We provide Bookkeeping support for 3rd Sector and Private Sector partners all across NI. Discover more about our services on our bookkeeping and payroll page here.

Human Resources

Our HR Experts provide impartial and professional people-centric solutions that can help get your organisation back to business. Learn more about our range of HR Services on our page here.

Marketing and Fundraising

Our Marketing team can help you shape your marketing strategy and drive effective communications to support the awareness of your organisation. Learn more about how we raise the profile of your organisation on our Marketing page here.

Training and Development

VIable provide bespoke training for managers, supporting the capability development of your people. With business resources in place, our training can give your people the capabilities to exploit business resources to the fullest. Learn about our training programmes here.

Social Enterprise NI Member

Click here to learn more about Social Enterprise Futures and VIable Corporate Services featuring on the Roll of Honour

VIable are proud members of Social Enterprise NI, the representative membership body for Social Enterprises across Northern Ireland. In 2020, we were ecstatic to present at Social Enterprise Futures on behalf of SENI, and were also a part of the 2020 Social Enterprise Roll of Honour at the event.

Learn more about Social Enterprise NI, and Social Enterprises over on the SENI website here.

You can also learn more about Social Enterprise Futures by visiting their website here – an annual summit of Social Enterprises across the UK.

Human Resources

Marketing and Fundraising

Management Training

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