No matter the skill or experience level of a manager, we are all constantly learning and developing new skills. As workforces shift to remote working, managers have had to show their adaptability and resilience in the face organisational change. Workplaces are in constant change and so strong leaders must carry their teams forward to maintain normality in the workplace.

In 2020, ensuring your managers are receiving management training is important. Despite that fact, due to restrictions, facilitating training can be complex for some organisations. However, management training does not need to be impossible in 2020. With new technologies such as Zoom, WebEx and Microsoft Teams, digital e-learning has proven training is possible in 2020.

Here’s 6 simple reasons why you should still be investing in your managers development.

1. Employee satisfaction

As employees adapt to working from home, keeping your staff engaged and motivated has never been more important. Showing your team that you want to see them develop and grow shows your interest in their career development. 71% of executives state that keeping their staff engaged is key to their success, and organisations with engaged workforces are shown to be 21% more profitable.

 As engagement rates decline with individuals working from home, how do you drive you staff to stay satisfied and motivated? Training is key.

Digital e-learning can connect managers and staff via Zoom with new connections. E-training can bring teams together, improving their engagement, motivation and satisfaction at work while they learn new skills. By facilitating these factors, you can empower your remote workforce which can drive productivity and output.

2. Better communication

In 2020, communication in the workplace has been revolutionised and millions of us are learning skills on new communication technologies. As workforces move towards blended working, refreshing or learning key skills in communicating will drive success.

Managers must understand how to effectively communicate with their teams during these new times. Key to that is understanding the differences in the needs of every member of their team. Training your managers in their job role and refreshing communication capabilities is so important in 2020. We’re all working in new and complex times, and by facilitating training to refresh communication skills, you can ensure there are no breakdowns in working relations.

3. Understanding and accepting change

Understanding change, accepting it and evolving to overcome it will drive the success of your organisation. Managers sometimes need guidance and direction too. On occasion, the expectations on managers to simply know what to do next can lead to work pressure and stress. These factors can learn to demotivation, which will drive up staff turnover and employee dissatisfaction levels.

Investing in your people and management can ensure that they are prepared for the changes that 2020 has brought and gives your teams the confident leaders they need to navigate the difficulties they may be facing.

4. Understanding their role

Managers are co-ordinators, and work alongside their teams as well as through them. Whilst managers often are good at their jobs, the presence of managerial mentors in the workplace is sometimes limited. Mentors are individuals that teach, guide and develop their teams skills and abilities throughout leadership and active feedback.

By developing managers skills such as communication and change management, you can develop their ability to become a figurehead and a mentor to their teams.

Invest in e-learning and training in 2020 and create managers that are leaders and mentors, regardless if they are working from home or in the office.

5. Teambuilding and teamwork

Management training sessions can build teams, and ensure your management are working well together as well as with their staff. Training sessions can give managers time to reflect and refocus, stepping away from tasks at hand and work together to grow and develop.

Learning to work together away from day-to-day work can drive managers to be more open to new strains of thinking and new ideas, which can support decision making in the workplace and drive the success of your leadership teams.

6. Remote working, remote opportunities.

Remote working does not need to be a drawback to your success. Working from home can drive employee motivation, with 83% of workers stating a remote working opportunity would make them happier at work, whilst 40% of employees state that flexible working is the best perk of remote working situations.

The remote working environment also means teams can be accessed from all over the world, allowing firms to embrace diversity and inclusivity by employing new individuals from new locations. Having employees working remotely enables training to be accessed anywhere, and at more affordable rates – training has never been more affordable, accessible and in demand, making 2020 the perfect time to reskill, relearn and adapt.

2020 is the perfect time to invest in training, as new accessible and affordable training methods are available for managers. VIable Corporate Services provide Management Training sessions, inclusive of 18 modules to help your managers manage in 2020 and beyond. Our modules are fully flexible, and you can pick and choose a selection of 6 to run as a course at one fixed fee for your whole management team.

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