Putting people first and providing impartial Human Resource Solutions

Our HR Experts provide people-centric solutions for your business. We understand that people management is sensitive and intricate, changing in every business culture. Our approach to business through collaborative working makes VIable the perfect HR partner. 

Our HR Experts take time to learn about your organisation, your challenges and then formulate policy, procedure and HR Guidance to drive your team success. Click through each service on the right and read more about what we provide.

If you require support in any of these areas, or have any enquiries about a specific HR challenge in your organisation, please reach out to us.

You can drop us an e-mail quoting “Human Resources” to info@viablecs.org, or call us directly at 028 9600 2317.

We also provide a free Zoom Introductory call so we can gain an understanding of your challenges and develop the best plan for you. 

We look forward to hearing from, and hopefully working with you in the near future.


Handbooks, Policies and Procedures

VIable provide handbooks, policy, and procedure guidelines. Whether you need a policy updated, or you need a full comprehensive staff handbook, our team can work alongside your people to ensure guidance exists. 

Recruitment Support

VIable provide Recruitment Support for our clientele. We can offer end-to-end Recruitment Support, or assist with recruitment assets for specific stages. Our services in this area entail:

  • Review Recruitment Documentation (Job Description, Job Description,
    Application form and Equal opportunities Monitoring Form )
  • Advertisement Admin: Breathe HR and develop Advertising with Job Finder and Community NI. Please note client will need to pay for the ADS directly with provider
  • Shortlisting candidates
  • Developing shortlisting packs and matrix for the interview panel
  • Reviewing interview questions
  • Developing the interview packs and documentation for the interview panel
  • Issue Offer Letter
  • Reference Checks Liaising directly with candidates
HR Advisory Services

VIable provides flexible HR Advisory Services at pre-arranged set fees. Working with us in this way provides you with access to HR Advice from a specialist as and when it is required within a monthly per hour quota. Our HR team has years of experience and understanding of various HR challenges.

Working with us in this way allows for impartial and flexible HR Support, meaning you can resolve crises fast and efficiently to keep your people happy.


Breathe HR Information System

VIable are Breathe HR Silver Partners. Breathe HR is the perfect HR Information System for Small Business. The software provides your teams with a dashboard giving them access to performance reviews, holidays and holiday availability, organisational charts and data, and mobile access for all their HR needs. As a Breathe HR Silver Partner, we can get you set up on the platform, providing your organisation with a paperless and easy-to-use HRIS. 

Performance Management

VIable provide support in Performance Management. Throughout this process, we work with your CEO and Management Teams to ensure staff performance aligns with the needs and goals of the business. We work alongside your organisation, providing support for performance reviews where necessary in order to maximise the effectiveness of your human resource. 

Manage your teams and people with advice from our experts.

All businesses rely on their people, and working collaboratively with their teams to drive the success of their business. Managing people can be challenging, and often requires quick and responsive reactions. Our Human Resources experts are here to provide guidance, direction and support, and can ensure your business has the policies, procedures and resources to deal with complex Human Resources issues. VIable Human Resources provide impartial and professional guidance, offering the most up-to-date and relevant knowledge to support your team in all contexts.

VIable are Breathe HR Silver Partners, and we can implement Human Resources software and systems, construct policies and procedures for your firm and train your management teams in how to utilise these new resources to improve firm efficiencies, effectiveness and performance.

Future proof your organisation – contact us today, and we will listen, adapt and resolve your firms’ specific Human Resources challenges.  

Breathe HR

Managing your people through technology and in a seamless, integrated manner has never been more important. With a growingly millennial workforce, the demands for integrated technology solutions in workplaces whereby employees can access their employee profile on the go, book holidays via mobile and manage their performance online is important to firms of all sizes. Staff want to see their development, and access it easily, whilst mangers need an easy-to-use software to solve difficult HR issues that arise in contemporary business.

Breathe HR is an online HR software system that simplifies the complexities of HR Management via desktop and mobile technologies. VIable can implement this software into your firm operations, training your managers in how to operate it and prepare your workplace to manage the digital workplace. Interested? Contact us to get started, or learn more here.

Recruitment and Selection

Getting the right people for the job role is crucial for firm success. Our HR associates have a depth of experience and knowledge in recruitment and recruitment processes, and can ensure you find the right person for the role at hand. Whether you are recruiting a manager, an associate or a director, we can manage your recruitment process from start to finish, screening candidates, conducting interviews and advising on the most suitable candidate for your firm. 

VIable are here to ensure your team succeed under the right people with the right resources at hand. Contact us today.

HR Policy and Procedures

With the right managers and right resources at hand, your staff and team need rules, handbooks, procedures and policies to ensure HR practices are conducted fairly and consistently. VIable understand every business is different, and every business has complexities that are specific to their situation. We collaborate with your team, and our consultants reach out to understand what specific difficulties, dangers or events you may face, and provide you with a range of solutions for problems before they occur. Being proactive and agile in managing your Human Resources can ensure your people can get back to business, and focus on driving your success, missions and visions.

Work with us, and together we’ll find a better way of working – together, we’re stronger.

Human Resources

Marketing and Fundraising

Management Training

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