Changing Business, Changing Lives.

In 2015, VIable was founded to support the Back Office of two leading charities in Northern Ireland – the Voice of Young People in Care (VOYPIC) and Include Youth. Both our founding charities support the needs and opportunities of Young People in Care across Northern Ireland. By working with VIable, you contribute toward our mission to generate social value and profits to support these causes, driving essential services for young people in care all across the Island.

The numbers of young people in care has been steadily rising since 1999, and continues to grow year-on-year. With that growth comes more children with variating needs and challenges. Learn more about the amazing work our parent charities do on their websites by clicking on their highlighted names above.

Children in Care across Northern Ireland as of December 2020


The amount of children in care has increased by 17.6% since 2015


The amount of children in care has increased by 44% since 1999, and increases each year

VIable Supporting Development

At VIable, we work with our shareholders to provide support for young people in care’s opportunities. Through our VIable skills academy, we’ve inducted, trained and provided experience for young people in care. Whilst this scheme is in its infancy, as we grow and our team expands, we envision a future where our team of experts works with young people in care across Northern Ireland all year, providing training, expertise and skills to prepare them for a future in business.