Marketing & Communications

Collaborative Marketing – harnessing the power of your network

Connecting at any time of the day on any topic is so much easier in this era of social media, blogs and interactive forums. We are always connected with our customers, our clients and our people. But how meaningful is that engagement? Are we truly adding value through our interactions? Collaborative marketing is the process of working together with our customers, our clients and our people to create value in our marketing exchanges.

Harnessing the feedback of these networks who are mutually dependent to maximise the shared benefits of the organisation unleashes highly valuable content, interactions and promotes a more meaningful interaction with your organisation.  Our experienced executives are on hand to help you unleash the power of your marketing and communications to promote the impact you make as an organisation.

  • Social Impact tracking
  • Public Relations and Marketing : Audits, strategic planning and implementation
  • Campaigns and Events
  • Media Relations and Training
  • Internal External Communication planning
  • Content creation: traditional, on line – digital and social
  • Public Affairs and Lobbying

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