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Unlock the power of Marketing.

VIable can help you communicate your story with an effective marketing strategy. Marketing is constantly evolving with new Marketing Technologies providing opportunity for your organisation. Introducing both Digital and Traditional Marketing methods into your organisational strategy can help drive the messaging of your organisation.

Whether you need assistance with Social Media Management, Content Creation, Branding, E-Mail Marketing Campaigns or a complete Marketing Strategy, our team are on hand to help.

Click through our services on the right to learn more about our offerings. If you need assistance today with your marketing department, contact¬†quoting “Marketing”, or call us directly at 028 9600 2317.

We look forward to hearing from, and hopefully working with you in the near future.

Social Media Management

We provide services in Social Media Management. Through this, we work with you to gain awareness of upcoming events or happenings in your business or industry. We then can provide monthly content plans for Social Media content, create the content and schedule it on your channels. Each month we then follow up with a full analytics report of your Social Channel performance, driving awareness of your messaging across channels.

Social Media and PPC Advertising

VIable can help you with your digital advertising strategy. Using effective segmentation, targetting, and positioning, we can profile your consumer. Following the identification of your consumer, we can then work with you to create content for advertising on channels that are relevant to your target demographic. Using your marketing budget, we can then set up and run your ads, monitoring performance of keywords and ad groups, altering and optimising your profiles to ensure you get the best return on ad spend (ROAS) possible for your budget.

E-Mail Marketing

We use E-Mail automation and your E-Mail databases to design and distribute e-mails to your consumer. We can create content that is consistent with your brand image, and issue consistently designed e-mails amongst your consumer base. Whether you have an event you need to promote or you want to engage with your past consumers to drive repeat purchases, e-mail is the way forward for you.

Branding and business image

We can work with you to establish your business brand. Our Marketing team can provide assistance in formulating initial branding and marketing strategy or work with established businesses to improve their business image. Branding requires consistent communication via the same tone, aesthetic, and imagery. Working with our marketing function, we can work together to conceptualise and reel in your identity to perfect your corporate image.