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COVID Secure Workplace training

As workplaces return to offices and staff return to normal working life, it is natural for employees to be nervous about returning to the workplace. VIable Corporate Services are introducing a range of newly designed webinars and training programs, aimed at training staff in COVID-19 Secure Employer Duties, General office zoning, employee protocols in different zones, the correct procedure for using PPE Protocols, symptoms and sickness reporting and communications amongst employees. Now more than ever is it important for your team to feel safe at work, and our training program is developed to help ease employees back into the workplace in a gradual and effective manner.

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Managing Redundancies Workshop

Whilst employers try to avoid redundancy situations wherever possible, on occasion redundancies are unavoidable due to workplace closures or role restructuring to suit the needs of firms going forward. VIable Corporate Services HR Specialists are now offering extensive sessions in this area. Upon completion of this course, your team will be equipped with the necessary resources to carry out a fair and thorough redundancy process including managing selection criteria, scoring employees, the importance of consulting with employees and calculating redundancy payments

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Workplace Preparedness Training

As employees return to work following the COVID-19 pandemic, new measures for workplace preparedness have been introduced. VIable Corporate Services offer a new training to future proof your organisation, and use a 5-P model to prepare your business to face our new normal – planning, practicalities, people, protocol, policy and procedures.

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Viable Corporate Services - Future Proof your Organisation - Planning, Practicalities, People, Protocol, Policy and Procedures

GDPR Roadmap Training

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is an EU legislation that places guidelines for businesses on the collation and processing of data on individuals within the EU zone. Businesses and employees must understand the contents of the legislation, and how the guidelines affect their operations, from the impact on consumer data to internal information. The GDPR Road Map powered by VIable Corporate Services can provide essential training for your team, helping your firm navigate data protection legislation.

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