Happy #SocialEnterpriseDay!

VIable Corporate Services is a social enterprise in Belfast that support the Third Sector and SMEs in optimising their back office. This week, we are re-introducing ourselves, emphasising who we are, what we offer and our cause. This year, on #SocialEnterpriseDay, we want to emphasise the fantastic causes our parent charities champion and we support.

What is VIable Corporate Services?

VIable Corporate Services is a business services company for the Third Sector and SMEs. We focus on offering the Third Sector affordable solutions for their back office meaning that they can focus on their causes and missions. Over the last 5 years we have helped charities with their strategic planning, bookkeeping and human resources. As a result of our work, we provide credibility they need on their accounts to gain the essential funding they need to thrive.

What’s VIable’s mission and vision? What do VIable want to achieve?

Firstly, our primary cause at VIable is to support our clients. We are client centric, and our mission lies in optimising the back office of all charities and SMEs to flawless standards so they can focus on their day-to-day objectives and goals. As a firm, we envision ourselves as the go to support for SMEs, Charities and Social Enterprises. If you need bookkeeping, go to VIable. If you need HR, VIable are who you want. However, our mission goes further than that.

As a team we are passionate about our clients and their causes, and we all love to see our partners thrive and grow. We want to help as many small businesses, charities and social enterprises as possible, and support the development of a third sector that can really change society. At VIable, we’re not simply just about offering services – we’re passionate about people and causes, and that’s what drives our cause to succeed.

VIable’s Social Causes

In 2015 Voice of Young People in Care (VOYPIC) and Include Youth came together to form VIable. As a social enterprise, VIable was created to help drive the back office efficiencies of these two leading charities. VIable’s profits go back into these two charities who work to support young people in care and support youth opportunities.

VOYPIC are the charity for children and young people with a lived experience of care in NI. As a charity, VOYPIC protect the rights, advocacy and participation of young people in care contexts. Due to their work, VOYPIC have driven the opportunities and rights of young people. VOYPIC are child-centric, and ensure the voice of young people is truly heard in our community. Learn more about VOYPIC and their causes at their website here.

On the other hand, Include Youth support young people in or leaving care and drive employability opportunities. Include Youth represent the rights of children in disadvantaged backgrounds, and ensure they can receive the development opportunities they need to thrive. You can read more about Include Youth and their causes at their website here.

At VIable, we’re proud to be a social enterprise supporting the causes of both VOYPIC and Include Youth. Furthermore, we’re proud to champion our own causes, and envision a future of supporting youth skill development. VIable strive towards implementing our VIable Corporate Services Academy, through which we can provide young people from all backgrounds the opportunity to develop new skills and gain qualifications.

You can read more about our social causes here.

Where can I reach VIable?

VIable are located at 100 Great Patrick Street in Belfast, Northern Ireland. We’re currently all working from home, but you can contact us on social media, or through e-mail at info@viablecs.org. Our team are on hand to help all charities this year. We know 2020 has been particularly challenging, and we’re ready to provide our support to rebuild and re-energise your back office. Interested in learning more? Read about VIable’s services at www.viablecs.org, or contact us at info@viablecs.org to get started